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1. 秋葉原: 日本のサブカルチャー体験
2. 浅草: 日本伝道の歴史
3. 原宿: 流行とポップカルチャーの中心
4. 霞が関: 日本政治の舞台からささげる祈り
5. 九段下: 論争の焦点から大戦を考える
6. 渋谷: 若者の集まる街
7. 新宿: すべてが起こる場所!
8. 東京: 東京には何がある?
9. 横浜: 日本のプロテスタント宣教の始まりの地

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Here are some information for the outing program!

The outing program will be on the third day of the EAGC, which is the Sunday 11th of Aug.
In the morning, all the participants will be separated in groups to attend local churches for Sunday services. And after the service you will be going to the outing location with your teammates!

What do you imagine when you hear a word ‘Tokyo’? A very busy city? Pop culture? Tall buildings? Foods?
Will it be very different from where you are from? Or are there similarities? Well… lets find out what’s there in Tokyo!

Be prepared for a great adventure!!
Here are the outing courses.

1. Akihabara: Experiencing the Japanese Subculture
2. Asakusa: Learning the History of Evangelism in Japan
3. Harajuku: The Hub of Trend and Pop Culture
4. Kasumigaseki: Prayers from the Stage of Japanese Politics
5. Kudanshita: Approaching the War from the Spot of Controversy
6. Shibuya: Town for Youth
7. Shinjuku: Where Everything Happens!
8. Tokyo: What’s in Tokyo?
9. Yokohama: The Birthplace of Japanese Protestant Evangelism

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