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プログラム委員 矢島志朗

EAGCの分科会では、大会テーマ「和解」を軸にしながら、大会2日目にコンセプト “Brokenness&Conflict”(壊れ&衝突)を共に考えます。




<Workshop I recommend>
Shiro Yajima Program Committee

At the workshops, we will think about the theme of the day 2 “Brokenness&Conflict” together.

My recommendation is… “Serving God without Burnout” .

We often work so hard to serve God, even though feeling a bit tired. “I’m OK! Yes! I work more! ” but sometimes we end up with Burnout, thoroughly tired and with no power to stand up again.Though you have not experienced Burunout, you still have possibility to go through it.”The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

By having deep relationship with God and listening to Him, and also listening to body and soul of myself, we would like to serve God more healthy and continuously. This journey might include the aspect of “reconciling with myself.”

Mr, Koichi Otawa, who have served long years as Regional Secretary of IFES East Asia, and facilitating many retreats in Japan and East Asia, will lead this workshop.
Please select your workshops upon resigtration.
Please see the Web page for details.


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