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プログラム委員 岡谷和作



Walking the journey of reconciliation with the new “WE”
Kaz Okaya program committee

“Reconciliation is not a point but a line” “Reconciliation is not a one time event but a joruney together” (Chris Rice) The reconciliation we seek to discover in this EAGC is a Biblical vision of reconciliation. A big difference between a Christian reconciliation and worldly reconciliation is that we have a goal already set in front of us. It is a vision of multitudes from all nations and ethnicity worshipping the Lord together. (Rev. 7:9-10)We Christians have a new verticle axis of “God and Us” on top of our own “Us and them” paradigm. Our common identity as a sinner, our common identity as someone forgiven by grace, and our common identity as people of God surpasses all worldly identity as an identity of the kingdom of God.

EAGC starts by recognizing this common identity as the new “we” (day1)We then learn the result of the fall (day2), lament together the brokeness (day3), and seek for the hope of reconciliation together (day 4)We hope that this conference will be a one where we can go back together on the last day, with the firm identity of the new “we” to each places that God sent us.


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